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Front sway bar  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 07-14-2005 02:04 am
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Paul Koehler

Joined: 04-06-2005
Location: Malone, New York USA
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Brought the sway bars kits Delta and I'am in the process of installing the front.  The length of the arms on my bar is about 13". The problem is that when trying to position the bushing and mount on the frame rail, the end of the bushing holder hangs over the edge of the frame rail(at the junction of where it assends vertically at about  45* angle) making it impossible to have a solid mount. If the leg part of the bar was maybe an inch longer, it would not be a problem.

If anyone has one mounted, could you please take a measurement of the leg length. I'm just  trying to figure out if I have the correct front sway bar.



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 Posted: 07-14-2005 02:20 am
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Jensen Healey
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Joined: 03-11-2005
Location: San Anselmo, California USA
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That's the proper length. Remember to install the bar with the wheels on blocks and the full weight of the car on them. Use jack stands if you use cinder/ haydite blocks, they will break. 6x6 wood blocks come in handy for such things.

I just re-installed my sway bar and was surprised at how much wear had occurred on the poly spacers at the sub-frame. I gotta slow down!


JH 13148

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 Posted: 07-17-2005 01:10 pm
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Joined: 03-12-2005
Location: Lutherville, Maryland USA
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Don't slow down, just replace the rubber every now and then:)

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