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Hi Gang
Im hitting the forum heavy this week as my son and I finish our 73 JH, hopefully all done by the end of the weekend
We are replacing the soft top with an aftermarket top from the US. The old top is not too bad, but rear plastic is hard to see through and the rear , I call it a boomerang hoop iron, that keeps it flush against boot ( Trunk ) lid has cut through the top.
My question, has any one any tips on removal and refitting, anyone ever photographed the process? Do you normally have to restitch valcro tabs back on etc etc
Also the frame itself, parts look like they are painted in wrinkle coat, like Mopar rocker covers, or should they be painted semi gloss ( satin ) black?
Any help appreciated.

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I've heard complaints about the tops available these days. It seems they are copies of old shrunken vinyl tops. Can anyone give a good recommendation on the Robbins top??

I decided to install a canvas version from E-Z Tops which looks nice but is too thick to fold completely into the boot. The pocket for the metal stay was too small, and the sides should have been 2" longer. It was returned and another top shipped out but was only slightly better.

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