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2005 East Meet  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 07-12-2005 12:36 pm
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Tim Knowlton

Joined: 03-17-2005
Location: Marblehead, Massachusetts USA
Posts: 33
Any of you guys have photos of the meet to share with us unfortunate ones that could not attend?

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 Posted: 07-13-2005 12:02 pm
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497

Joined: 03-17-2005
Location: Hilton, New York USA
Posts: 736
Hi Tim, I have some pict's but right now they are stuck in the camera and to be honest I dont really know how to reduce the size to post them and I dont have a web site to place them on, I'll down load the camera tonight and see if I can post them to the JHPS photo site, if that does'nt work maybe I can just E-mail you some.

As for the event I drove down from Rochester NY to Salamanca NY, a bit backwards for me but I wanted to hook up with Jeff and Laura Peterson and also Barb and Glenn Grosslack (???) ( they are doing next years event ), then we set off for some really nice twisty turny country road driving to get there, it was a real blast untill my cam tower rubber gasket shifted and I ended up loosing 3.5 quarts of oil, killed alot of mosquitos though, enough to say we ended up getting there to late for the Wednesday evening meal at the Lobster Trap restaraunt, we took a few wrong turns in Philly City limits and ended up in some unsavory nieghborhoods for a while, three Jensen's one yellow JH ( Barb & Glenn's ) my blue JH and Jeff and Laura's red Interceptor really stood out.

Next day some poeple went off to a car museum but I hooked up with Deb and Arvin Appleman plus a van load off other Jensenites and went into the city for a tour of the Liberty Bell and all that old historic stuff, hot and sunny lots of walking but very intersting stuff, had a nice cold beer in a very old Inn then later headed back on the subway to the Hotel, that night we had a brabeque at a park in a pavilion over looking a nice river lake, chicken and all the goodies, with the cars all lined up against the water about 16 to 20 of them, allas though the beer's were few and far between but the Jensen talk was plentyfull.

The next day Friday was the drive down to Cape May, hot and sunny sky's again, we all started out toghter again probably about 20 cars or so but it didnt stay that way long, what with going on freeways and stop lights we ended rolling into Cape May with about 6 cars but no fear most everyone found there way to the meeting point The Lobster House Resteraunt, for a very nice sumptiuos lunch, then we were off on our own, lucky for me I had brought along my GPS and also hooked up with a copilot John Cronin, one very funny and super person who kept most everyone entertainted, we ended up driving around Cape May to see the Victorian house's and B&B's then jumped on the freeway back to the hotel, 1.5 hr drive, dinner this night was on your own so agian I lumbered Deb and Arvin with my prescence and after a few attempts we found a decent place for grub, we also stopped off and picked up a cooler full beers / pop for the car show the next day for they seemed still in short supply.

Saturday AM was the driving skill Funkhana in the hotel parking lot, and this was a real test and a super blast, my copilot John (agian) and I did very well and I confided a few tips to him to help us through, little did I know how he would sell me out, next thing I see is John copiloting another JH then another and another, with him finnaly ending up with an Interceptor, he recieved a real ribbing from the crowd and myself for his low dedication to one team, but he took it all in stride and was a very good sport about it, little did I know that at the awards dinner we would end up tieing for 1st place.

That afternoon was the car show in the parking lot of a nearby Diner, again another hot and sunny day with little shade so that cooler of beer and pop really took a work out, we had a bit of a cramped lunch in the diner as a group then strolled amongsted the cars picking out and judging which car you thought was best in class, there was a CV8, and about 16 or so Interceptors, 3 GT's and about 10 or 12 JH's, Don Pritchard's son Donnie showed up in a JH that he had stuffed a Ford V-8 into and done a very nice job of the whole thing, afterwards we all headed back to the hotel for the awards dinner that evenning.

Prior to the awards Jeff and Laura hosted an inpromptune happy hour and it was a great mixer to discuss Jensen's and next years event, at the dinner it started off with a silent raffle with the results annouced afterwards, the food was plentyfull and very good and then Sherman Taffel got up and became master of ceromonys, it seem everyone one won something from farthest away to dedication to the markee, the winners in each class were annouced and nice trophy's handed out, CV-8, Interceptor hard top, Interceptor Convertable, GT, JH steel bumper, JH rubber bumper, the Arron Gross award was also presented, I wish I could tell you who won which award but I didnt take names at the time, I know I won for rubber bumper, Sherman for GT, Miles Griffith (???) for JH steel bumper and I think John Danis for Interceptor hard top.

So there you have it from my view point and I hope it helps with what took place and like I said I will try and get those Pict's off ASAP.

Cheers   Brett.

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