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Lash Russell

Joined: 07-23-2005
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I have an interesting question for the aficionados and purists:
Is there such a thing with Jensen Healeys as "number matching" primarily wrt VIN numbers correlating to engine numbers and even transmission numbers? This is more of a technical query IMHO as I haven't been exposed to this discussion before and at this point in time the values of a JH don't lend themselves to this level of scrutiny in my view.
That doesn't mean however that in the future it won't be more of a concern or issue or that there are JH owners/fans who wouldn't currently be interested. I guess more specifically the questions are:
(1) Were records kept of correlating engine numbers to VIN numbers?
(2) Were records kept of correlating transmission numbers to VIN numbers?
(3) Were records kept correlating other components that have specific serial numbers to the VIN?
(4) Were records kept of other components (options) being on the car from the factory? IE Build Sheet, etc?
(5) If there are these records, do we have access to them?
In an impromptu JH meeting in Castle Rock CO with Gerald Thornbrugh, Rick Willard, and myself this question came up. It was interesting that three long, long, time JH fans and owners of many JH's hadn't pondered this question deeper before.


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Hi Lash

Richard Calver should have all this information (http://www.richardcalver.com).

I recently acquired a copy of the "Service Production Record" for my GT. According to Keith Jackson at Martin Robey (http://www.martinrobey.com), who has all the Jensen production records, these are the only records available for JHs and GTs (unlike the more comprehensive "build files" available for Interceptors). The Service Production Record is a single sheet recording the following:

1. Date of issue (presumably start of build date)
2. Chassis #
3. Model #
4. Bodywork colour
5. Interior trim colour
6. Extras/options
7. Engine #
8. Gearbox #
9. Axle #
10. Radio # (if fitted)
11. Key #s (very useful if the glovebox key is missing, as mine was when I bought the car)
12. Completion date

So on this basis, there could be such a thing as a "matching numbers" car.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Lash Russell

Joined: 07-23-2005
Location: Franktown, Colorado USA
Posts: 69
Thank you Nigel,
I also had a PM from another member (probably trying to spare me the embarassment for not knowing something so well known) saying pretty much the same thing. I knew a little about the book but, hey, we really do reach an age where we forget a lot.
I am hoping though that members will still vote on the poll, would be interesting for us to have an aggregate JHPS opinion on this. After you do vote you will be able to see the running poll results.
Cheers all,

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