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Drain Holes  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 11-27-2014 09:37 am
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Dear Forum Users

Routine Maintenance Procedure 48 (RM48) in the J-H workshop manual requires owners/maintainers to "check that the drain holes in the body and doors are clear, this will allow rain water and condensation to drain freely from the panels".

Where are these drain holes? I have seen on other posts that there should be drain holes at the bottom of the inner/outer wing (fender) voids in front of and behind the doors, and in the sills (rockers) themselves. How are the drain holes in the voids accessed? Via the sill drain holes? Or does one have to remove the stone-guards in the wheel arches to get to them?

Are there any other drain holes? When I wash my GT I note that water collects at the front of the front inner wing upper and lower rails, just behind the headlight cowel and just in front of the forward chassis mounting point. Should there be drain holes here too?

Any advice greatly appreciated. It is definitely the rust season here in the UK - cold and damp!

Best wishes,

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 Posted: 11-30-2014 12:55 am
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Hi Nigel,
Yes, the stone guards must be removed to access the drain holes in those voids in front of and behind the doors (over, or on, the rockers). There are two holes in front of the doors, and one behind. These voids and the floor pans themselves seem to be the primary areas for accumulation of water and thus rust. There are also 3-4 drain hills on the bottom of the doors that can be easily checked from underneath.

Incidentally, when I acquired 18059 last year, the worst rust I found was in front of the rear wheels where the holes were blocked - not by road debris, but by factory applied undercoating.

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