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Crank Balancing  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 11-20-2014 06:03 pm
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Hi All,

Going to put in my 2,2 ltr engine i got to think about a few things
The guy I bought the engine from did the bottom end.
What he says is that the Crankshaft is from a Bedford as well as the con-rods.
It has been reground with new bearings. Pistons are the original JH
It has not been balanced as he was not going to race the engine.

My question is now can I go ahead without balancing it or would that be asking for troubles. I am not going to race it but on the other hand it will properly see the red line occasionally when it is run in.
Can I exchange the flywheel without balancing?

2"nd question is to the clutch: do I change it or not ?
The one I have in the car measures 6,8 mm across the two friction plates incl the gap between them. From the surface of the friction plate to the top of the steel rivets i measure app 0,8 mm. Is this as good as new or is it ready for replacement ( having the engine out.)


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