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Interesting Dashboard Traits Delivered by Lucas  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 10-01-2014 05:37 am
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Rick Willard

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Tried to find this answer on the boards, but...couldn't match my electrical issues exactly. Here's the status and I will GLADLY accept any input, advice, and insights from the pros here on JHPS. I bought #15771 one week ago. It's an excellent specimen, but...

The electrical guages of the dash were dead, as was the electric fan and the back-up lights. I traced the problem to the middle fuse of the fusebox on the firewall, which needed replacement. I did so and the dash guages (volt, tach, fuel, and temp) all light up and seem to work just fine. So, too, does the fan motor and the back up lights, which are now functioning correctly. Those are the positive outcomes. However....

Also, I notice that the "Park Brake-Fail" light comes on and stays on when the key is on. No big deal - I can live with that and have witnessed it previously with past JH's that I've owned. However, the left blinker indicator (green light on the left side of the dash's gage cluster) has gone dead. The outside blinker lights work just fine, but this bulb went dead (strange, since I replaced this very bulb yesterday and it was working fine since then).

By the way, one other symptom.... I'm seeing the faded "Ignition" light indicator coming on when the car's electrics are under stress from the lights, fan motor, etc. In fact, the dash lights also seem to do some fading/flashing. I'm assuming we've got an alternator/charging issue with that, but not sure if THIS is related/affecting the other things I mentioned above.

Enough of my Lucas electrical babble. Does anyone have any obvious suggestions to help address the interior left indicator going bad after just being replaced?? Do you think that this has anything to do with the faded "IGNITION" light and/or the "PARK BRAKE FAIL" light? Again, all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks to all!


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