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How to remove blower motor on GT  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 09-20-2014 12:57 pm
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my blower motor isn't working anymore and I wanted to check the motor.
On the GT the motor is accesible through the engine bay as I understand. It seems a very straight forward job but somehow I got stuck and I hesitate to remove the carbs just to get to it...

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 Posted: 09-21-2014 04:54 pm
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Hi Georg

Please make absolutely sure the blower motor isn't working before you try to remove it. I agonised for days about this, and then finally jumpered the motor (bypassing the resistors and heater/AC relay) only to find that the motor worked fine. A replacement relay solved the problem.

If you do need to remove the heater, I think you'll need to remove the air transfer box first. This I think is simply adhered to the air volute assembly (the snail shaped black part) and to the bulkhead with double sided butyl tape.

The air volute assembly is I think held in place by 2 mounting brackets, which are themselves bolted to the bulkhead. You can access the nut on the upper mounting bracket bolt on the windscreen side of the bulkhead just below the blower motor air intake.

I reckon if you remove the air volute assembly / bracket fastenings and remove the upper mounting bracket you should be able to lift the air volute assembly up and out, without having to remove the lower mounting bracket from the bulkhead. The blower motor is fixed within the air volute assembly.

The air volute assembly may additionally be fixed to the bulkhead by a sealing ring and seal on the interior side of the bulkhead. I think you'd need to remove the air intake grille to access this sealing ring.

Note I didn't actually do any of this (I didn't need to, because it was the relay that was the problem). I am just making some suggestions based on the GT parts book.

Feel free to PM me here or via the JOC forum if you want to discuss further.

Best wishes,

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