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GT Spare Wheel Carrier  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 09-15-2014 09:14 pm
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Dear GT owners

I am looking to replace the rather nasty non-original spare wheel carrier on my GT. The only original part I have is the screw jack (Jensen part # 90874, 3 in the attached image) and screw jack assembly (# 90068, 2 in the attached image). The original spare wheel carrier assembly (# 99013, 1 in the attached image) is almost impossible to come by here in the UK, most have rusted away.

I hope to be able to get a new one fabricated (either in marine grade stainless steel or in properly powder coated mild steel), based on accurate measurements of an original part and using the non-original part mountings as a template. The parts book picture may help too.

Could I ask any of my fellow GT owners with the original part in good condition to take some photos and measurements, sufficient for replacement fabrication purposes? Or, better still and just on the off chance, does anyone have one in decent condition for sale?

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

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 Posted: 09-16-2014 12:42 pm
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Hi Nigel,
My one is not in particularly good condition and I have lengthened the two front brackets by one inch to allow for wider wheels. It's a pretty basic assembly and if you took your one to a small fabricator or blacksmith they should be able to make one from the patern quite cheaply. I would retain the original jack - it just bolts on.

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