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The blower motor does not work on my GT. After two sessions with the multimeter, I have discovered that the heater/AC/anti-run on relay is cooked. This is the relay which ensures the heater/AC can only run when the ignition is switched on, and also ensures that the anti-run on system (which is not fitted on my UK-spec car) is activated when the ignition is switched off.

There is no continuity between the winding terminals on the relay, which suggests the resistor is burned out and, therefore, cannot close the heater/AC switch.

But I can't find the correct part number for a replacement relay in my GT parts book. The relay circuitry (printed on the top of the relay) is the same as Lucas part SRB411 and Jensen part CT1802 (Interceptor AC / fuel lid relay).

But SRB411/CT1802 is a red cylinder, and my relay is a black cylinder. Plus it's on a 35A fused circuit, while SRB411/CT1802 is rated at 20A.

Anyone got any ideas?

Frank Schwartz

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It is a generic relay although your was originally a Lucas.
Any of the little black square ones will work if it has five lugs...they are number 86, 87 etc and they are interchangeable. Your 35 amp relay should do nicely. If I remember the relay is mounted at the back end of the fuse block inside the engine compartment. From what you wrote, your relay is cooked

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