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Got my big box o'parts from Delta yesterday, and Mike mentioned that the interior window wipes (the ones that attach to the inside door panels) were going to need to be glued on instead of being fastened the way the originals were.

Who's done this?  I'm looking for a recommendation of what glue to use.


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I realize that this post is way old, but . . .

I just put both the inner and outer door window wipes on with adhesive, not glue.

After a lot of searching, I picked 3M 4929 VHB tape. It is thin, temperature resistant, and hella strong. They advertise it as replacing rivets so I thought I'd try it.

It worked well, I pop-riveted on the chrome pieces to the tops of the door cards, then applied the adhesive strip after roughing both the trim and the rubber with sandpaper, then wiping both with isopropal alcohol.

Keep pressing occasionally until the 24 hour full strength time period is over. Don't be tempted to "try it out" by tugging on it.

It's been back together for weeks now, and the windows roll up and down great, without any sign of the rubbers letting go of the door or the door panel.

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