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I just bought a parts car 1974 Jensen Healey, and it came with a gas tank that was redone by "Renu" still in the box. I'd like to use it to replace my current tank, but it is slightly different. Delta tells me there was only one tank used in Jensen Healeys, so I'm wondering if anyone here can solve my mystery.

The tanks are almost identical except my original tank has the standard locking ring to attach the sender, whereas the one from the parts car appears to require a ring that bolts to the tank first, then the sender gets locked down to the bolted on ring. Does that make sense? It's like the change from the early MGB tanks to the later ones. Unfortunately, the ring I need has to have 8 bolts whereas the earlier MGB has 6.

Any help greatly appreciated !


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I have only seen the original type with my gas tanks. My guess is some previous owner or Renu made the modification to prevent a leak in that area or the area was damaged and this was the repair rather than buy another gas tank.

Will the sender fit and lock down properly? You can make a new ring or possibly modify a MGB ring.



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Good question. I can't help because my tank is actually off getting "Renu"'d so I can't look at it. I'll take a look when it gets back if you don't have an answer in the interim.

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