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Water Pump Pulley  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 03-15-2014 09:33 pm
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Joined: 07-08-2012
Location: Langley, British Columbia Canada
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I have removed the a/c from my GT and I want to use 1 v-belt instead.
Where can I find a pulley that lines up ?

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 Posted: 03-16-2014 12:34 am
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Frank Schwartz

Joined: 02-18-2011
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Don't know where you would find a pulley, but maybe Delta Motorsports would have a regular Jensen Healey pulley...but...why would you remove the a/c from the car?  Does it get really hot where you are?  And remember, should you wish to re-sell the car, you will have made a major mistake by removing the a/c from the car...and lessened its value...at least in my opinion.... and with a prospective buyer thinking to himself, "Why in the world did he do this???""

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 Posted: 03-16-2014 05:05 am
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Jensen Healey
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Ha ha! Those of us in warmer climates wish we had A/C when cruising the back roads in the summertime.
Just set aside the parts so the future owner can restore her to original.
I'll check my pile for a pulley.

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