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Purchased my first Jensen-Healey 1976 GT in Richmond,Indiana April 2013.

VIN 30135
Engine T7502 11285, 5 speed transmission
Paint Code GIP 31105/M, Interior Tan

Speedometer calibrated in Km; I'm assuming the odometer is the same?? 73000+ km.

Engine ran just barely with starting fluid and a battery jump. Body in reasonable good shape compared to what I see on the website. Will need rocker panels and floor pans, suspension bushings, brake work and lots of paint. Fenders, doors, gas tank are ok structually. Stromberg carbs.

Have removed the bonnet, doors, front fenders, interior except for the dash, gas tank, engine, transmission, front suspension and steering, rear window, brake calipers.

This is a project with three of my grandsons. We have done a Porsche 914 and I have an XK120 driver that I've owned for 40+ years so restoration isn't new to us. But the JH is.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

Jim Williams
Perrysburg, Ohio USA

Jensen Healey
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Hi Jim,

Welcome to the message board. Most neglected Jensen Healeys seem to have issues with the valves. A compression and leak-down test should point you in the right direction.

Kurt Housh

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