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Stuck rear brake, weak brakes  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 06-28-2013 01:18 am
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Gary Martin JH 15371

Joined: 03-12-2005
Location: Portland, OR
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I just went through all my brakes two years ago, including rebuilding both rear wheel cylinders. Brakes were working ok, although they don't really seem to stop the car like I would expect, they seem very weak as far as stoping power. Now that the car has sat for a few months, the left rear brake is stuck on. The emergency brake mechanism is releasing, so it is something internal to the drum again. Is there any reason the rear wheel cylinders keep sticking, or maybe the brake adjuster is over tightening the shoes ? Don't remember if I have the Lockheed or Girling type, it is a 74 mark 2.

I have never rebuilt the front calipers. They do work, and the car does not pull, but like I said the stopping power is very weak. Pedal is firm. Just takes a lot of foot pressure to stop the car. I think the power booster is working. Is there a good test to see if the boster is working correctly ?



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 Posted: 06-28-2013 04:43 pm
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Jensen Healey
Super Moderator

Joined: 03-11-2005
Location: San Anselmo, California USA
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The flex hoses can fail internally sometimes causing locking symptoms.

The disk brake pads may be glazed. Turning or replacing the rotors and installing quality pads should increase your stopping power. You can try dressing the rotors and pads with 120 grit emery cloth to identify the issue.


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 Posted: 06-28-2013 08:23 pm
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Jim Ketcham

Joined: 03-13-2005
Location: Salt Point, New York USA
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The vacuum booster diaphragm can be checked by seeing if it holds vacuum. If you do not have a vac pump or gauge try blowing in it ( by mouth). If you can then it leaks and is not working.

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