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Mr. Gasket Fuel Pump  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 04-21-2013 05:07 am
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Frank Schwartz

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I wonder if anyone has had any trouble with this product.

I am using the Mr. Gasket Black plastic enclosed electric fuel pump...sold in all the car parts stores....


  I have had one in my JH which has been in it for five years or so...and has had long  trips to JH meets and even to Florida and back.   Last week I let my oldest granddaughter use the JH as her car was in the shop and she is the only one of the granddaughters (3) who can shift.


 She is always wanting to "borrow it"....Her first car was a barn find VW bug that I restored for her...anyhow,  she called me that the car had just quit running and had coasted to a stop on an exit ramp in town.  I drove there with a tool kit and it would not start.  I opened the trunk and pulled back the carpet covering the fuel pump and put my hand on it to see if it was clicking. It was so hot, I got a blister on my hand. 


 I went and bought another and tried to connect it up but was not getting 12 volts...I must have pulled a wire or something....it is usually impossible to repair a car on an exit ramp...so, I called AARP and my roadside insurance will take care of 100 miles of no charge  towing, so they towed it the 15 miles to home and I put it in the garage...I was going to work on it,  but now have a dental problem and will not see the dentist until Monday (Today is Saturday)  Surely by then I will feel well and can change the unit. 


I have a metal Facet type pump (used) with a big transistor on top and it clicks nicely when I connect to 12V to test it...I may put it in the JH....  I have not touched the car due to feeling so ill...anyhow, I cannot beleive that 50 dollar Mr. Gasket fuel pump failed and got so hot. ...literally red hot... I would have suspected that it just would quit...


Has any one had a similar experience ?????


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