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Carburetor synchronization  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 06-27-2005 04:26 am
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Frank Schwartz

After struggling with getting the carburetors right on my son, Mark's Jensen Healey, I found both carburetors needed to be rebuilt. Sherman Taffel (a prince among men, I must say) offered me his set from his GT, which had been replaced by DelOrtos. They were "working when removed"...I installed them and found over time the valves that the float works to allow fuel to enter the bowl had stuck and I replace them with those from the original carburetors.
I got the engine running but I could tell the carburetors needed to be balanced. As Mark and Patten used to say when they were children "read the destructions"...which I did.. In fact, I really studied them, did precisely as the instructions said and finally this evening I did the job! It really worked and I only had to use the tool that adjusts the mixture on one carburetor slightly.
The other means of getting the job right was a meter I obtained from JC Whitney that I highly recommend to all JH folks who wish to set their carburetors. I have one of those metal jobs with the ball in the glass tube and it is not what I could call easy to work with and it often would stall the carburetors when I tried to use it. Going through the JC Whitney catalog, I came across item #SW882792N...Carburetor Synchronizer for only $29.95. I ordered it and it is just wonderful! I highly recommend it. It has an analog meter and is extremely sensitive and I could place it over either carburetor at idle and get a half scale reading without causing the engine to change RPM at all. Made in Germany (for a change..not China). With it I was able to set both carburetors at exactly the same reading and believe me, that engine just sits there and purrs at idle...acceleration is perfect and I just had to tell everyone about this meter. My old "bouncing ball" tool is going to be put away for good...or given to someone who would wish to have it anyway.
Just wanted to share that with you Jensenites... and you can see the item in the JH Whitney web site http://www.jcwhitney.com
And Sherman..thank you so very much for your help...I will be sending the old carbs to you as you said you could rebuild them...
Regards to all...
Frank Schwartz

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 Posted: 07-01-2005 12:00 pm
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Ron Earp

Joined: 03-12-2005
Location: Cary, North Carolina USA
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I was looking for you and see you are here! I wanted to let you know the JH you sold me last August is coming along pretty well, you can have a look at a few pictures here:


Thanks for the synchro tip, I need one of those and might go that route. I've got the old mercury filled glass columns but I'd rather not deal with the mercury on those things.


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