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Has anyone ever converted a top from a different car to fit the JH? After having owned my car since new I am tired of the top on this car and would like one to work like a Alfa,Fiat, Miata, just to name a few. The top on the Healey is a POS never has worked , hard to stow,leaks ,just plain pain in the butt. I' d be interested in any feed back on this.

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Ha ha! I too have had such thoughts.

My canvas top is really hard to stow. I can't use the boot cover with it. It does look good though.

The old vinyl top worked much better and stowed better but was still a leaky POS.

I tried using a tonneau cover but it seemed to increase the crosswind while driving. I felt like I'd been in a prize fight after an hour on the freeway.

If you decide to replace your top, don't bother with the crap on Ebay, just get a Robbins top at the club store.

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