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In an inspiring performance, Joe Huffaker Jr. piloted the #43 car to 15th position (of 34 that made the start) in the 1973 to 1982 GT class.

He beat all the Bob Sharp Racing 240Z's, all the Porsche 911's and 914-6, the BMW CSL's and the Camero IROC turning a 142.36 on the 10th lap. Only the Porsche RSR's and 935's, one '78 Camero, the '78 BMW M1 Pro car, and a screaming '70 Mustang were faster.

#43 is the Lee Mueller SCCA winning car. She screams an ear shattering pitch and corners at unbelievable speeds.

I chatted with Joe for a few minutes and he told tales of terrorizing Novato, CA in a customer car back in 1973.

Thanks for the Lind family and Joe Jr. for the great memories!

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Sounds like a good show, I wish I could have been there. The September JHPS newsletter will have spiffy photos courtesy of Joe Huffaker and some others taken by Ernie Vicencio as well as a little article by Pat.

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