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 Posted: 05-10-2011 05:00 pm
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Lash Russell

Joined: 07-23-2005
Location: Franktown, Colorado USA
Posts: 69
Hello all,

   I've been doing a little research trying to figure out exactly what I need for replacing 1st and 2nd gear synchros on my Getrag.  I've found out that there seems to be two different synchro rings  (part nos 23231200777 and 23231200737) from BMW (as most of these Getrags were on the BMW 2002).  The online parts diagram does not distinguish which gears these synchros are for.

   Has anybody been through this before and knows which synchro part no(s) are for which gear?



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 Posted: 05-10-2011 07:32 pm
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Brett Gibson JH5 20497

Joined: 03-17-2005
Location: Hilton, New York USA
Posts: 736
Lash, Mitch Ware posted some info on synchro's when he had his rebuilt, I can only find this bit, but if you contact him he might be able to help you out.

3rd gear synchro is part # 23231200774
4th gear synchro is part # 23231200737

Let me know how you make out, I'm having no issues just yet but it would be nice to have the info.


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