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Can someone please give me the Id tag number for JH Strombergs? I am looking for a pair of carbs and have found a supplier with NOS units by the hundreds and the worn out Stroms on my car don't have any Id tags. Also is there any great physical difference between 175 CD-2's. Can I use any other 175, replace metering needles and will all the linkages fit?

thanks Terry

Brett Gibson JH5 20497

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Terry, its all a matter of emisions and choke style, the newer 175's have more and more ports and bypasses verse's the older ones. If I had a choice between them I'd go early.

As a side note those little brass tags that you should see on the carb should be sequential, matched pair.

It's also pretty hard not to be able to rebuild Strombergs most everything you need can be found, but if you not feel confidant doing that Greg will sell you a set from the JHPS store.


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