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Jensen Healey
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Hi All, It was a great day in Marin!
We had about 25 cars at the start. Two Jensen Healeys, five MGTC's, one Jag 120, four E-types and a Mark 2, one Sunbeam Alpine, three MGA's, two MGB-GT's, one MGB, two Morris Minor Convertibles, two Morgans, one TR3 and one Austin sedan. Sorry if I missed anyone!
It was the perfect day for a tour, clear and warm.
We split into two groups, one going up the twisties to the top of Mt. Tamalpias, and the other taking the mellow route through Point Reyes Station in West Marin.
After a few stops for tire kicking, sightseeing, a short hike, and the all important outhouse we arrived at the Pelican Inn.
This place must have been imported directly from England. The pub has low ceilings, lots of huge oak beams and Guinness on tap. We sat in the dining room at an antique table for 18. The bangers and mash were excellent but the service was better! They also serve high tea and have rooms. I can't wait to stay here!
All in all it was a great day. We made new friends and lasting memories.
Kurt Housh
Marin British Drivers Group

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