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Oil Vapour cannister  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 07-27-2010 06:19 am
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On 13599 I have the oil vapour cannister mounted on the drivers side firewall (RHD car ) it is a sealed unit and no obvious filter can be seen. It has 3 pipes connected to it, 1 to the air cleaners, 1 to the  block and the 3rd goes down to the sump plug. At the sump it has for want of a better phrase a "3 way splitter or T" it screws into the sump, then has the rubber hose into the side of it and on the end is the sump plug. Is this correct or has it been tampered with over the years? seems to me one piece of debri on the road and off comes the pipe and out comes the oil and goodbye engine.

has anyone seen this before or am I just astounded by 70s British engineering

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 Posted: 07-29-2010 09:19 pm
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Greg Fletcher

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1970's British engineering is astonishing. I once had an old Rover that had inboard rear disc brakes (above and in front of a DeDion rear axle)- after five hours of wrestling with it, I put it all back together exactly as I had found it with the original parts. Sounds completely correct for an early Jensen Healey. Not completely sure why they made that oil canister so complex, it is a bit funny to look at isn't it? I totally agree with you, they look fragile at best. I have never heard of one coming apart, however. I would certainly let sleeping dogs lie, as it were, and it makes for great conversation at car shows.

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 Posted: 10-30-2010 11:36 pm
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Anyone with a 'canister' Jensen care to share experiences/wisdom/upgrade stories??

Greg - thanks for reviving a forgotten memory - we must be close in age...I too wrestled a Rover rear end brake job (1972 Rover 2000tc) for several hours - couldnt get the caliper piston to retract to fit new pads. Seems that to retract, the piston has to be rotated within the caliper hole (if you made this stuff up, no one would believe ya). Ah...the pre-Internet era...I had to track down a hard to come by manual.

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