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Speedometer cable connection on tranny side  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 05-19-2010 02:48 am
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When I was taking out the instrument cluster the other week, I had to pull a bit on it to get it far enough out to get the speedo cable off the back of the speedometer.  As a result, I think I might have pulled a bit too hard.  The speedometer no longer works, and if I drive down the street with my hang craned up under the dash and the cable not connected to the back of the speedomoter, the pin doesn't turn.

My question is this:  what's the cable connection like on the transmission side.  I've climbed under there to take a look, but am reluctant to unscrew the cable there if it's going to open a real can o' worms.  Any help on how it's connected in there?

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 Posted: 05-19-2010 06:11 pm
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Art DeKneef

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It's possible that you have pulled the cable from the trans side.

The speedo cable I'm looking at is out of the car. On each end on the inside cable the ends are square shaped. What you see on the speedo side is the same as the trans side. If you pulled out the inside part to feel that the cable is moving, the other end was probably pulled out also.

You might be able to push it back in but probably will need to get underneath the car, loosen the bolt holding the speedo cable in, pull out the cable, push or pull the inner cable on the trans side til it wont go any further, put back in the trans, tighten the bolt, hook up the speedo side and try again.

If you pull the speedo side out some you should see a stop so the cable can not be pulled out from the trans side.


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