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Has anyone found an aftermarket solution to holding the floor mats in place so they don't bunch up in the front of the compartment under the pedals or equivalent?  Many vehicles today have some form of floor mat fastener which does that and allows removal of the mats for cleaning, but I haven't been able to find anything available.  There seems to be a product called Snap-A-Mat which some floor mat manufacturers use - but I cannot find a source for it.

Alternatively does anyone have suggestions short of fastening the mats to plywood cutouts or the floor itself?

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I guess you are talking about additional mats that you put on top of the carpet? The kit I installed in my JH has a fitted mat for each side, but it's part of the carpet kit. I used a hot glue gun to keep in place and there's no need for an additional mat on top of that. Hopefully, you don't have an early car with the original factory rubber mat stuff, that is really horrible.

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The way I got mine to stay put was to install a grommet in the rear center of each carpet, and then a stainless allen head bolt thru the floor with enough left showing to place thru the grommet. You dont even notice it because the front edge of the seat blocks it from view.


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