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1973 Jensen Healey Vin#11602  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 08-01-2022 02:12 am
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Well 11602 got the engine rebuilt with a matching set of mk2 pistons and rod assemblies that all have tapered wrist pins. They have been match balanced by the Balance Shop in Santa Ana, CA as has the crank shaft. Also the Conversion Component aluminum 12lb fly wheel and a new pressure plate are balanced together for a complete balancing of all the moving parts in the engine.

The need was due to the oil getting into the coolant as of last December so I modified the block by adding additional aluminum to the wall of the block where the oil feed gallery goes to the head. ARP head studs are installed and a new HG finish off the new parts. I lapped the head and cut the valve seats and reset the valve lash. Sealed the entire engine with 515 Loctite on all of the flange sealing surfaces and Right Stuff Gasket Maker was applied to the cam covers which took several attempts to get the exhaust cover to seal on the header side. Been two weeks driving her with the balanced internals and what an amazing difference it is over the condition things were in prior to this. The 12 lb flywheel was not fun beforehand but now the pulls to 6500 RPM are buttery smooth with no hint of complaint from the tone or manner in which the RPM's increase.

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