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Greg Fletcher

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February 27, Saturday- British Car Meet & Drive to 2 Cool Locations Event.

We start at the local Cars and Coffee car meet in Irvine, California which gets rolling at 7am. A bit later we drive down to the new, exciting Lyon Air Museum (West side of John Wayne Airport) to look at old WWII bombers and what-not, and then we drive to the end of the street to the Crevier Classic Car Display.

Should be a fun time and a super-cheap outing. This would be a good time to dust off your JH and take it for a spin, although a JH is not required. YOU MUST RSVP asap - greg@jhps.com. Contact me so I can arrange with the organizers. Cost is $7.00 for the air museum, other stuff is free.

Lash Russell

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You guys in SoCal are so lucky.  I'd love to go on this.  Anyone with a running JH (or with any car as Greg mentions) in the SoCal area would be crazy to pass this up.


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