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LSD Diff  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: 01-21-2010 01:42 pm
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An English company will sell me a fiction type limited slip for a Firenza 052 axle carrier.  Is this the same axle carrier we use in the Jensen Healey?

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 Posted: 01-21-2010 08:54 pm
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Use the search function.


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 Posted: 08-21-2010 12:04 pm
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I can’t answer the question about being the same for certain but I don't think they are, as my research indicated the diff carrier was separate to the housing in the firenza LSD version, as such I ended up having one made for my historic race car build , the first attempt modified a standard LSD carrier however we had to machine to much off the edge to make it fit also it ended up slightly off centre and we had to take a small amount of one axle, as I was not happy with that, we had a new carrier CNC machined up from a billet to ensure strength and get it back on centre. I am sure I could get another one made if someone realy wanted but it will probably be more expensive than the off the shelf one, but all of the hard work is done. 

See the photos below, the left one is the left one is the CNC one the middle is the original Jensen and the one on the right is the first attempt without the spacer which was also needed.

Attachment: Photo0061.jpg (Downloaded 128 times)

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