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 Posted: 12-27-2009 06:01 pm
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With the installation of a new full width sirrocco style aluminum radiator and the forward relocation of the oil cooler the hoses for the oil cooler are too short. No problem I'll just get some longer hose.  Enter the 5/8BSP conundrum.  Why chase down 5/8BSP when it can be re-plumbed  to 8AN/37 Flare Seal JIC?

New 19 row oil coolers are set up for 8AN
5/8BSP hose fittings have an id of .458
8AN      hose fittings have an id of .365
8AN      hose had an id of             .479 +/-

So my plan is to install a remote oil filter with a new sandwich style oil cooler at the base of the oil filter which is mounted vertically just behind the radiator on the passenger side crush tube and extend the hoses to the oil cooler.

If the id is reduced by .093 at the fittings will it significantly affect the volume and oil pressure?
I can do the math, but are there any real consequences?

Thanks in advance for any and all insight!

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 Posted: 12-28-2009 12:19 am
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Judson Manning

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In my research I found the guys that sell oil pumps and accessories suggest a minimum of 10AN fittings.  I did use 8AN for the AccuSump on both my car and Ron's ITS car.  The sandwich adapter will make clearance a problem and you may want to consider a remote oil filter.



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