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On my GT #30209 I had a problem with the handbrake that wouldn’t hold on a flat surface if there was a slight wind, never mind on the slope on the drive in front of my garage. The cable was new and I’d tried tightening it up every now and again but without improvement. I looked inside the hubs and found some strange stuff. The pins, springs and washers holding the shoes were different on the left and right rear wheels. Checking the workshop manual it looks as though someone put incorrect Girling pins, springs and clips on one wheel and correct Lockheed ones on the other. The Girling pins are shorter and it’s a struggle to get the clips on and the pressure is so great that it prevents the shoes from releasing freely. Now I know why I sometimes had a squeaking sound from one of the rear wheels. While the car was on axle stands I also checked out the cable to brake swivel connection under the rear axle. Just above this is a breather pipe from the axle itself. The pipe was split just above the nipple and some oily gunge had dripped down onto the cable to brake connection. I repaired the pipe and cleaned up the connection and now the handbrake locks into place with a mighty grip that would make a python jealous! I’m now trying to source the correct Lockheed pins and this is proving to be difficult. Any clues to any other makes and models that used the same brakes? The pins are 40mm long compared to the Girling 37mm, and in this case size does matter.

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If you cant find the correct ones how about just cutting the long ones down to size and pounding the flat on the end with a hammer.


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