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I am going to be reassembling my steering wheel and was wondering about the little circular metal thing that is in two pieces, one of which gets lost in the carpet. Once you find both pieces and go to put it on the column, it looks like the tapered side faces toward the wheel, rather than the dash, is that true?

It also seems I should clean and lubricate the stalk switches.  After cleaning with electronics cleaning stuff, should I use something to lubricate them? Thanks.  Tomorrow - back on the road!

Tim Murphy

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That little metal thing that is in two pieces is what keeps your steering wheel from jamming into the turn signal switch. I was told (by someone who should have know better at DMS many years ago) that it was not really important or necessary. I went through two cracked switch units - not an inexpensive lesson. I am not sure which side faces toward the wheel. Use a heavy grease to hold the pieces in place when you slip on the wheel.

I also have an extra set in my parts bin.

Brett Gibson JH5 20497

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George, yes you are correct taper side fit's into the steering wheel, put a little heavey grease on it to hold it in place, as for cleaning the stalk switch's if they work fine now and you dont have an issue with them, I'd leave them alone, should it muck them up they are hard to come by.

Bruce Madden in Atlanta told me one time that he rebuilds them, I took mine apart once and the springs went flying all over it took me the better part of a week and a half to get it all back toghter and working, definatley not something I would recommend, next time I'll send it off to Bruce.

Good Luck.


Mark Rosenbaum

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I never had much luck using grease to hold the 'split collar' pieces to the steering shaft, but have found that silicon gasket sealer works well if the various parts are first degreased.

If you place the turn signal / headlight / horn switch inside a large plastic bag, you're less likely to lose the various little bits that will certainly spring out when you dismantle the thing.  Getting all these bits to stay in place during reassembly takes patience and good manual dexterity.

However, disassembly shouldn't be necessary unless internal parts or wires are broken.  An aerosol cleaner will usually suffice for the rollers used in the turn signal switch.  The headlight high/low contacts are in plain view and readily accessible.  The horn switch contacts are attached to the end of the stalk and can be reached by unscrewing the cap on the end of the knob.

Jim Ketcham

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As a point of interest, I recall my steering collars were originally held in place by a small rubber band.  I thought this to be a little quirky, but it actually appears in the parts manual and is what the factory appeared to do.


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