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Ty Hisatomi

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I'm just about to start into a brake job and need some advice on what kind of brake fluid to use in a JH.  The JH manual calls for Girling or a Castrol product but I'm not sure if it's readily available or even if it's still produced.  Dot 3 or Dot 4?  Has anybody had good luck (or bad luck) with any of your basic off the shelf brake fluids at the local car parts store?  Thanks!

Art DeKneef

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I believe the recommendation of others on the board here is to use Castrol GT brake fluid. It is still available at some auto parts stores and online. I purchased a can at a local shop here and some online from Moss Motors a while back.

The newer brake fluids have something in them that doesn't play well with the older systems. I think it is silicone. If I'm wrong someone will correct me. I've always used the Castrol so haven't tried any other brand.

Make sure you give the brake lines front and rear a good looking at. If they haven't been changed it would be worth it to consider changing them also.



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Art is right, go with what he recommends. Don't put in the DOT 5 stuff. When I got my car, it had DOT 5 and I cringed as soon as I saw the Purple fluid in the reservoir because it is complelely incompatable with anything else and it ridiculously expensive.  Changing from DOT 5 to DOT 4 or 3 requires a complete brake rebuild including new brake lines. When the slightest amount of DOT 5 gets mixed with DOT4 or DOT3 it turns into molasses. The performance is OK but I think for maintenance and cost.... stick with the DOT4 and you can just change it more often ( it cheap compared to DOT5) and you won't have to really worry about condensation when it is changed regularly.



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