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Tire Pressure guidelines?  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 10-05-2008 01:45 am
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My second Jensen Healey, which I purchased last year, came with (almost) new Sumitomo 205-60-13 tires, which I notice have been favorably reviewed by others.

My question is what tire pressure is appropriate?  The maintenance manual for the JH says 24psi cold for all four tires for the original tires.  Should I assume the same for the Sumitomos?  They are rated up to 51psi so I've got lots of leeway.

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 Posted: 10-05-2008 04:32 am
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Jensen Healey
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I have run with the Sumitomos at 24lbs and while more comfortable on one's rear, a bit sloppy in the corners. I settled on 28lbs for all around use.

If you have the HTR summer tires like I do, be very careful on wet pavement!


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 Posted: 10-06-2008 12:06 am
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I run my between 28 and 30 and that makes me happy.  My buddy used to run his at 32.  They feel a little squirrely to me at 32.

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