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Varying oil pressure  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 05-07-2008 03:46 am
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Frank Schwartz

Son Mark returned from 1500 mile trip to Florida in his JH.  Said it was unnerving in that his oil pressure remained about 50 pounds, but in an extended right turn, the pressure dropped drastically,  only to pick up on the straightaway.  It did not do this on a left hand turn.  I am thinking oil pump pickup problems in the sump, but before I tear into something, I wonder if anyone has had this experience, or knows why this happens.  If normal, I sure would like to know....if not, maybe someone knows the "fix"
Regards to all,
Frank Schwartz

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 Posted: 05-08-2008 12:19 am
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Greg Fletcher

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I thought everyone knew about the curse of the Lotus 907 engine? My old JH did this every weekday for about 16 years on the transition from the Laguna Freeway to the 405 Freeway , which is a high speed, right sided curve (I'd be doing anywhere from 50mph to 70mph). Oil pressure would drop to about 30-35 lbs and straighten out when the curve was done. As long as it doesn't get to low for too long, it's not a big deal for a road car. The "fix" is to create hinged baffles in the sump (they are fixed on stock motors) or add an accusump type oil pump to boost pressure when required. I prefer to think it of it as a design feature myself. Watching the oil pressure gauge during those turns is always interesting.

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