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Frank Schwartz

Well, I have a spare 4 speed transmission and thought it would be a good idea to have it rebuilt by the local guru so I would have a rebuilt one ready to go.  Both my son and daughters JHs are prone to jump out of gear,  so if it gets worse, we would be ready to replace it.   Seems we need balk rings (synchros) and bearings..which I find are literally non-existant..from Delta dn Red Racer.  Does anyone know where these parts can be found?  Surely with all the 4 speeds out there somebody has parts to keep them going...

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Who among us does not have at least 2-3 transmissions in their garage for spares? In a nutshell, you'll need to find a low mileage unit to replace it or find a spare for the parts. This transmission is odd, but there are still plenty of old units floating around that can be had on the cheap. New old stock parts have been picked over for years, there just isn't anything left to speak of. Just be glad you don't have a 5 speed Getrag, those parts are both rare and expensive!


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I know this may not be the most popular option, but LONG term, it may be the best solution when it comes to parts availability and easy of fixing. The Club store Toyota 5 speed. ( yes, it is pricey, I know), but it has to be considered seriously when parts and patience dry up.  There are tons of spare parts available and everybody and his brother can overhaul them when the time comes. Besides, once installed, the shifting is crisp and its highly reliable. Basically, one less thing to worry about.



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