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 Posted: 04-21-2008 05:35 pm
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Just a final note on the Jaguar Jorge fuel tank issue.
For those of you that have luck on your side, congratulations.
In my case however the gods were against me.
From my mechanic who chooses not to be mentioned "these are some of the worst welds I have ever seen."
After paying shipping on Ebay to the tune of $75.00, having my mechanic to find a leak, repair it, install the tank, put gas in it, and find that the sending unit leaks, then sending the tank back for repair, getting the same tank back unrepaired, sending it back yet again and then finding out the Jorge charged me for shipping the unrepaired tank back, I am just a bit pissed.  Shipping alone has  run out to be $250.00 plus my mechanics charges.  What do I have to show for that.......absolutely nothing.  This guy wants the consumer to pay for his screw up.
So, just a word of caution.  His product is over priced, untested, unsafe, and has virtually no warranty other than he will fix it if you will send it back and pay for the shipping in both directions.  Unfortunately he does not fix it at all.

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