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Rotor Failure  Rate Topic 
 Posted: 04-13-2008 06:31 pm
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Jensen Healey
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Yesterday evening the JH slowly died while at a stop light. It took a while to figure out, but replacing the rotor got it going again. Thank goodness there was a spare in the boot! After looking online for a couple more spares I found this at Moss Motors:

"The carbon content in the plastic of most ignition rotors today is too high and the plastic becomes a conductor. More than just robbing your engine of precious spark energy, in some cases the spark can be misdirected to the spring clip on the underside and Presto! – no more spark. Don't let your ignition rotor ruin your Sunday drive, replace yours with one that is manufactured correctly."

I guess this is the price of using a high energy MSD ignition system. The Lucas parts were never meant to handle more than half the voltage of the stock system. ;-)

Get 'em out and drive!



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