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Frank Schwartz

Somewhere I read that there was a "fix" for a 4 speed jumping out of third or second gear.  Something about a tailstock nut coming loose and needing to be tightened up....
Can anyone help me out on this?  My son's JH does this and I have never been "into" a JH 4 speed tranmisssion and need to know what I can do to stop this problem.
Regards to all...

Greg Fletcher

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You need pull the drive shaft off and remove the tail shaft from the transmission. That typically won't cure this issue, but worth investigating, as it's more likely you simply have worn gears. What's the mileage on this thing?

The primary shaft has a 1 1/8 inch nut at the back of the main shaft. Most people don't torque and stake this nut correctly when they tear down the box at rebuild time and big problems happen later as a result. I have a very difficult time getting this tightened and staked to the shaft at the recommended 80 lbs with the shaft in a vise on the bench.

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