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 Posted: 01-17-2008 06:29 am
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Dan Eiland

Joined: 03-18-2005
Location: El Paso, Texas USA
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As I brought up once before, my car seems to be much too high with my
rebuilt suspension. I have all new polyurethane bushings front and rear with
upgraded springs from DMS and KYB shocks. Since I'm having steel flares put
on my car to clear the wider tires and wheels, I needed the car to sit at
the finish height so I can get the correct measurements while working on the
flares. The car should have 5 inches of clearance off the ground, but my car
is more like 10 or 11 inches off the ground. I'm running 16 X 8 wheels in
the rear with Sumitomo 245/45 16 tires and I'm running 16X7 rims in the
front with Sumitomo 225/45 16 tires. There are no clearance issues in the
rear but there are some on the front when the steering is turned
lock-to-lock. These issues will be solved when I'm done modifying the
fenders. I installed the engine and transmission into the car, which brought
the front-end down a lot, but I still have way too much clearance at the
frame member under the car. I had my car on my trailer today and I strapped
it down until I had the fenders just about where I want them above the
tires. With the car strapped down it turns out to be the correct clearance
from the bottom of the car's frame to the floor of the trailer. Actually I
had a little extra clearance. With the car unstrapped it looks like I need
to lower the front end about an inch-and-a-half and I need to lower the rear
about two-and-a-half inches. These are the measurements taken from the top
of the tires to the top of the fender openings. The only conclusion I can
come to is to have some springs made for my car that would lower it far
enough but adjust the strength for the lowered geometry. I already have two
of our local racecar suspension and chassis builders looking at my car and
they both agree it is way to high and needs to be lowered. They also agree I
will need to have the geometry looked at to make sure I don't have any
issues on the road with the lowered suspension and wider tires and wheels. I
can get all the suspension work done locally but I was wondering if there
was a company out there that I could purchase a set of springs from? I
recall seeing some springs on ebay about a year ago that were just the right
height for my car, but I let them go and didn't bid on them. I think they
were from the UK. Anyone know where I might find some lowering springs for
my JH?

Dan Eiland

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 Posted: 01-17-2008 04:59 pm
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Joined: 02-22-2006
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
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Ron Earp has had a few springs custom made for a very reasonable price.  I went to gt40s.com and couldn't find the thread he posted the address and contact info in, however.  He is also a member of this forum, but I don't beleive he hits it much anymore.  May want to scoot over to the mid-engine guys and send him a PM


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 Posted: 01-17-2008 09:26 pm
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Joined: 07-01-2005
Location: San Diego, USA
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you can just send ron an email message from this site and he'll get it.  i just spoke with him via e-mail a day or two ago that way.

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