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I would like to offer a person in need, a free dashboard for a JH. It is cosmetically perfect on the outside. The vents, ducting, defroster grills, are all perfect. IT DOES NEED TWEAKING to fit correctly. When the dash was recovered, it seems there is too much material left over on the edges.... the part which fits up against the windscreen. Possibly some "Foam" may have to be removed - How this is done... I do not know. The second defect which would need to be fixed is the bracket which the instrument pod spike fits into. The bracket is loose and needs to be re-attached firmly to the top of foam ( where the mounting pin is located).

I do not believe using the dashboard "as is" would work correctly in a JH.  I have not put this in the  "JHPS MARKETPLACE" because It is defective, but I thought if a knowlegable member could explain a "fix", then maybe a person in need could utilize the infomation on this board and wind up with a good situation.

I don't want money or anything, just want to donate an extra part. It just seems too nice to discard.




John Young

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John ,
Iam interested in your dash .
Contact me at jyoun75@columbus.rr.com
or 740/221-3437.
Regards John Young

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