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 Posted: 11-04-2010 02:11 am
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Tim Murphy

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From the article "Automotive Electrical Fuses -- British Vs American "

"British and American standards for rating electrical fuses are different. Both provide an "Amp Rating" for very similar looking fuses, but the two ratings mean very different things. ! As an example, the 35 Amp fuse called out for many 1950’s/ 60’s/ 70’s vintage Britcars (Lotus Elan & Europa for sure) is roughly equivalent to a US-spec BUSS AGC 17 Amp fuse. Install a US 35 Amp fuse into your LBC fuse box and the wiring harness will melt down before the fuse blows."

Yesterday driving back from the grocery store about a half mile from my house smoke started pouring out of my center consul by the radio.  Upon inspection  I determined that the wire for the cigar lighter (as its labled on the wiring diagram) had shorted out to the body.  Starting at the fuse box until its end in the consul the purple wire for the circuit had completely melted its insulation and burned through the blue tape used to wrap the wire harness.  What other damage it caused I was too mad  to investigate.

And yes, I did have an American buss 35 amp fuse in the fuse block. Damm.