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 Posted: 11-04-2010 01:33 am
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Hi Phil, ZDDP is zinc and phosphorus that prevents metal to metal contact. It smears on the surfaces just as the oil shears. Oil has been formulated with it for years but now they are reducing the amounts to prevent degrading the catalytic converter. That's why you'll find more ZDDP in oil made for vehicles without converters. Our cams and piston skirts like it!

I'm not suggesting any modifications, just noting your off-idle performance is normal and that changing it is costly. Rev that baby!

Hi Mitch, Volume is more important than pressure. If you have 10 lbs per 1000 rpm you're good to go.  Ferrari guys reduce the viscosity to get to this standard. Thick oil doesn't flow as well as thin. If your oil pressure hits the maximum at 3500 rpm then you have the same flow at 3500 and at 7000 rpm where you might need more.

Those of us who just drive on the street don't need to know any of this stuff, but its fun!

When I rebuilt my spare motor I swapped the oil pump from the original. It made 40 lbs at idle on the old motor and 20 lbs on the new one. Go figure, probably a clogged passage.