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 Posted: 11-03-2010 06:01 pm
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The stock JH is a torqueless wonder. The short stroke motor is more suited for high rpm use as Lotus intended.

It costs a bit of money to get these cars to pull at lower revs but the 907 becomes magical when built to later Esprit specs. Of course you'll never see 27 mpg again after the cams, HC pistons, Dellortos, 2.2L crank and flow work are done. Oh well!

Make sure you are getting enough ZDDP for your classic car. Castrol Syntec 20-50 for Classic Cars has it. Valvoline VR1 has it. Diesel and motorcycle oils have it. Red line has it. If you use regular oil then you should consider a ZDDP additive.

No, your engine won't blow up tomorrow without it but it's cheap insurance.