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 Posted: 07-06-2005 06:29 pm
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205/60-13's are a very popular upgrade to the stock 185/70's. I've never heard of  195/60-13's being fitted to a JH; they would be much smaller in diameter than the stock tires or the 215/60's, and would really throw off  the speedometer and raise RPM's for a given true road speed. I have 205/60-13 BF Goodrich Radial T/A's on my car, and I like them. I've also seen good things written here about Sumimoto tires of that size. Both brands size 205/60-13 are readily available at tire stores in my area, and probably in yours too.

Have fun with your new old car!

(Sorry, I've corrected the tire size above from 215 to 205.)

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