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 Posted: 10-31-2010 05:22 pm
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JodyKerr wrote: ...I'll be going with a Pertronics dizzy (built by Jeff @ Advanced Distributors)...

Great Idea! You'll never guess what I did just last night....

I installed a JH-specific 'package' from Jeff @ Advance Distributors including a rebuilt and correctly tuned distributor, Pertronix Ignitor electronic ignition (LU-142A), and Pertronix FlameThrower coil (3.0 ohm - I removed the ballast resistor block).

I was careful with the install to keep everything lined up at TDC and plug #1.

The JH fired right up. To my surprise the tach is working. Initial timing was about 15-degrees, I retarded it to 12-degrees and went for a test drive.

If I get a chance today I'll open up the gap on the spark plugs and play with the timing a bit.

Jeff is easy to work with, the distributor is excellent, and the piece of mind knowing these are the correct parts is priceless when it is time to turn the key. Of course, the information, encouragement, and safety blanket of the JHPS is a big part of these projects too!

Speedy Mitch