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 Posted: 10-25-2010 12:52 pm
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Thanks for the advice. .. You know the spark i got from the flamethrower did look kind of weak. I think what I'll do then is go back and clean up all the wiring and then try the lucas 25D coil..


1.  Do i need 12V directly from the battery for this coil? bearing in mind I don't have a ballast resistor?

2. I'd really like to use the Flamethrower coil so is there a way I can get the necessary 12V to it? I already ran a wire from the battery but I guess the built in ballast resistor (the red wire with the tape) is reducing the voltage, i.e. when I put my multimeter on the coil it only reads 10.8V).

3. When I did the coil test (flamethrower) I got a spark but when I connected the cap, rotor, etc. and tested the #1 Spark plug there was nothing...would that just suggest not enough spark? I would have thought I would have got something from the plug test just to show that it's working?

Thanks for all your help.