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 Posted: 07-06-2005 04:20 am
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Other than the quality issue (steel-to-stainless welds?) with the stainless tanks Delta once offered, I don't know of any problems with aftermarket tanks, though nowadays there may be an assortment of federal regulations and/or restrictions involved in manufacturing them.

The baffles, dual nipples, and top-loading fuel sender are all good ideas that improve on the original design. There's room in the trunk to make the tank lower and wider both left-right and front-rear, to lower the center of gravity somewhat.  I seem to recall that some Brit car used the top of the fuel tank as the floor of the trunk, which probably isn't all that wise, but does get the mass of the fuel down pretty low.  Or you could put the spare tire inside the trunk, and the tank below the trunk floor....

Provision for a fuel gauge sender would be essential for street use, but unless you can state that some specific sender fits the tank and is compatible with the stock Smiths fuel gauge, a lot of potential customers would likely lose interest.  This doesn't mean you would have to provide the item yourself, rather it could be mentioned on a list of things needed to adapt the tank to a JH.

All in all, an interesting project.  And if it it doesn't work out, you might be able to get an article that Greg Fletcher could use in the magazine....