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 Posted: 10-24-2010 04:00 am
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I drained the coolant when I removed the auxilliary housing, though I don't recall why. Any way, I refilled it after replacing the auxilliary shaft, took it out for a shakedown and it over heated. When I got it back to the house I was able to remove the radiator cap with a rag and the pressure released was only vapor, no fluid. I added about two quarts of anti freeze and the next time out it ran cool as a cucumber, just like I'd grown used to it doing. Apparently there was an air lock in the system as the radiator was full on start up. I don't recall any discussion of bleeding air from the system, or reading it in the manual. Have I missed something? Has anyone had a similar experience? I think I may have had the same routine when I replaced the water pump, but can't remember the specifics. It's that Oldtimers Disease I think.