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 Posted: 07-06-2005 03:35 am
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If you know anything, let me know, that would be great. But, the tank is simple (if you want to follow OEM) and easily made. Frankly, I'd change the side placement of the pickup/float, but to make it fit for the average JH'er it'd be best not to have to re-arrange components.  It'd be easier to use the newer style sprial floats that are straight up and down and through the top - they work better and are more accurate, but that would be additional parts that I'm not interested in sourcing and sorting out for folks.

With my steel one I cut it apart and baffles were welded in, right and left sides, along with two 5/16" nipples, right and left, at the bottom of the tank near the baffles. I don't use a float since I don't need a fuel gauge, but for street cars people would want to use their fuel gauge floats.