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 Posted: 10-21-2010 12:06 am
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So I got this Tax return and I am going to by a Camery or Acura or something. Then I see this ad for a 74 Jensen Healey Runs Good $1200. I am like OK if it is any good I want to buy it. It is dusty. Starts right up and the guy races the engine up to like 7000 RPM. And it sounds great. He says he doesn't know anything about the car and I ask him if it has a Lotus engine? He says no it has a Jensen Healey engine. I look under the hood and clearly see the 907. I buy the car and put a battery and gas in it and head for home about 35 miles over the Santa Cruz mountains. I get out of the drive way and the drivers side door flies open and I quickly pull it shut and push the door handle down and the door seems secure. The engine is pulling very strong as I put it into 4th gear and the hard top starts to fly away luckily I was able to grab it and pull it down an get it snug. I get it into fourth gear and she really takes off and i feel like i am going a hundred miles an hour. Actually I was fast approaching triple digits. Yowl the car drove great it had been set up with anti-sway bars and spax shocks the brakes where soft and when I got home after just a short 35 miles it seemed to be leaking Oil, Brake fluid, water, gas etc... Well i got the car tuned up with the help of a local shop and the JHPS board. so thanks for all the tech tips and repair stories 18837 is on the road!

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